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Sponsored by the Creative Arts Centre at HighPoint and the Institute for Community

We seek out sponsorships from companies and organizations we believe in. Sharing our vision of building a community-inspired, creative festival, our sponsors play a crucial part in making this event a reality. If you want to join our growing list of sponsors, or learn more about who they are, contact us today.


Romeoville Art Society

Taking Part to Share the Love of Art

The Romeoville Art Society was created to be a community of fellowship for local artists and art enthusiasts who have an interest in meeting other like-minded creative people with a passion for art and are inspired to share that passion with others. Our members are a diverse group of creative people who encourage the creation of art in all its forms. If you are interested in taking part to share YOUR love for art, we would love to hear from you. 

Art brings knowledge and unity to communities, enhancing the neighborhoods in which we live and thrive. 

The richness of ART nourishes our creative beings with new growth, breathing  joy into  the souls of both young and old.

Institute for Community

Building communities. One relationship at a time.

“I am a part of all that I have met.” 
– Alfred Tennyson

For community to be a reality, our sense of who we are needs to go beyond our individuality. We need to know we truly belong in our relationships and in the groups of which we are a part. Many people feel they have little influence in their relationships and the groups in which they are a part. To live in community, we must regularly see that we make a difference, and that we have a positive, meaningful impact on the lives of others and the people and the groups of which we are a part.


Get Involved

In addition to our celebration of the 2018-2019 season of contributing artists and poets who have taken part to share their love of art by sharing their creativity and hearts with the Romeoville community, the Romeoville Art Society will be entertaining and inspiring guests with artists and their practicing art from a diverse group of members and friends of the arts. Check the space below to see what we have in store, and if you have any questions or would like to participate in this special event, please feel free to reach out by contacting us.

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Children’s Corner


Poetry and Performances

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Participating Artists


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